List of our Donors

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all our donors for their contributions to CHCI. Your support encourages our continued commitment to achieving our mission and allowing us to make a positive difference in the lives of children.

Please know that being a volunteer organization, 100% of our funds go to the program; not one penny of our funds are used for any purpose other than the purchase of materials, shipping of the blankets and direct operating expenses of CHCI.

Basovich, Marina & AndreSan Diego, CA
Beck, Pattie & TonyClaremont, CA
Bryan, Gail & RalphLa Jolla, CA
Clark, Wendy & JimSan Diego, CA
Cohen, Tanya & GarySan Diego, CA
DeGraff, JeffRancho Santa Fe, CA
Devine, Hannah San Diego, CA
Dolgen, Ellen & DavidCoronado, CA
Fairley, Pamela & Foster, KentSan Diego, CA
Fawcett, Maria & DanColleyville, TX
Felix, Julie & VictorSan Diego, CA
Finkelstein, Ella & LeoLa Jolla, CA
Garner, Wanda & CamRancho Santa Fe, CA
Grant, AlanFort Lee, NJ
Grant, MilesSan Diego, CA
Grant, NeilFort Lee, NJ
Greenfield, Debi & JerryFort Myers, FL
Gruber, AllenSan Diego, CA
Hays, Tamera & Brian Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Hirsch, StuartSan Diego, CA
Hudson, Anne & GerryGalloway, OH
Kessler, Andrea & JuddRancho Santa Fe, CA
Krasnyanskaya, Irina & Rabinovich, AlexLa Jolla, CA
Lathrop, LynnSan Diego, CA
Lee, HuSan Diego, CA
LeGoff, Melody & Campbell, Ryan La Jolla, CA
Lopardo, Mary & SteveFallbrook, CA
Macmanus, Cindy & Tom San Diego, CA
McCulley, JanetRancho Santa Fe, CA
McDonald, Lil & Mac Windsor, CA
McIntyre, Mary Beth & Monty San Diego, CA
Medvedkov, Olga & YuriPowell, OH
Metrik, JaneSharon, MA
Milstein, Barbara & Howard La Jolla, CA
Moss, Jonathanunknown
Neeley, Lucille & Ron Del Mar, CA
Peerrbolte, GregSan Diego, CA
Robbins, BeckyDel Mar, CA
Slepak, Marina & MishaSan Diego, CA
Stephenson, Beverly & DanMurrieta, CA
Tartar, Marie & Eilenberg, SteveCardiff, CA
Trolinger, TonySan Diego, CA
Tsimring, Irina & LevSan Diego, CA
Ugorski, Luba & ValeriLa Jolla, CA
Vaisberg, GalaSan Diego, CA
Yampolsky, Bella & SashaSan Diego, CA
Zakarin, KeithSAn Diego, CA
Zalkin, Gloria & IrwinDel Mar, CA
Zinger, EugenyaLa Jolla, CA